The excellence that the sea wants

Reliable boat construction and a solid financial position are two of our strengths. All work on board emphasizes two key aspects: excellent quality and extremely high safety standards.

Masterful execution

Thanks to Rosetti Marino Group’s expertise in shipbuilding, Rosetti Superyachts always guarantees the highest level of engineering and manufacturing for the maximum reliability at sea.


Our shipyard
Our history

257.000 sqm


65.000 sqm




The San Vitale yard, a historical Rosetti Marino facility located in the Italian port of Ravenna, is where all Rosetti Superyachts vessels are built and where the refitting services are performed.

The spacious production shipyard covers a total area of 257.000sqm. An area of 65.000sqm is specifically dedicated to shipbuilding including berthage, mooring and covered surfaces of approximately 17.000sqm. The yard also includes two 25m by 100m construction sheds, 4.000sqm pertaining to mechanical workshops, assembly halls with overhead cranes, pre-assembly areas with a permanent roof, 3 gantry cranes (1x100t and 2x35t) and a dry dock measuring 160m by 25m. The quay is 175m long with a 7.5m draft and from the Candiano canal has direct access to the Adriatic Sea.

Rosetti Marino is certified to quality, environmental and safety standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e OHSAS 18001.

A century together with the sea


Rosetti, evolution of Rosetti Menotti, founded at the beginning of XX century, is established in Ravenna, North East Italy, as a mechanical workshop.


Rosetti Marino contributed to the development of the chemical and petrochemical industry in Ravenna and also operated as a shipyard, converting coal fuel to naphtha and carrying out hull maintenance.


The company began the construction of offshore oil & gas facilities for the Adriatic Sea and tugs for the local market. It also launched its ship repair activity.


The company supplied local clients with barges and tugs.


There was an increase in the production of tugboats, which became the main focus of Rosetti Marino’s shipbuilding activities.


Rosetti Marino embarked on the construction of ferries of different sizes, both for the open sea and for inland waters. The hull assembly area in the San Vitale shipyard was increased in size in order to accommodate larger vessels.


There was an increase in the production of tugboats, which became the main focus of Rosetti Marino’s shipbuilding activities.


Anchor Handling Tugs and Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels with up to 220t BP were built and particular attention placed on the development of projects for the design and construction of eco-friendly Diesel Electric/Hybrid and LNG-fuelled ferries and tugboats. Platform Supply Vessels built by Rosetti Marino are currently operating on deep-sea offshore projects and continue to demonstrate a high level of operational capability, efficiency and reliability.


Rosetti Marino broadened its shipbuilding experience and technical know-how by turning to the superyacht sector, securing its position as leader in the engineering and construction of commercial vessels.


Delivery of Rosetti Superyachts’ first 38m Explorer.